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If I could tell you in 10 seconds why SCOR makes the difference, that’s all it would be worth. If you can give us 10 minutes before committing 12 months of your hard earned time and money, we feel we can help you be informed.

Can we talk frankly for a moment? Most of our families fall into one of three different categories:
1.)Your player is just starting soccer, and you are looking for an environment where your child will learn and compete at a higher level than they will for AYSO or a community team. (AYSO, YMCA, and Community Ed are all great programs that serve their purpose.  We simply bring a little more to the table).
2.)Your son/daughter has played soccer, they like it, and they want to work at getting better. As a parent, you don’t want to pull up to practice anymore and see everyone standing around looking bored, or standing in a line of 15 kids each waiting to take a turn shooting at goal.
3.)Your player is a good soccer player who wants to keep being challenged. They have a desire and commitment to train to improve. They want to play varsity soccer in high school, and if things go right – they would love to play in college.

Sometimes there’s the 4th option. Your first son is Messi. Your daughter is Carli Lloyd. Your second son is Ronaldo, and you just brought home your newborn, named Hope Solo. If you fall into this category, we are not likely your best choice. If you fall somewhere in the other three, we need to talk.

Soccer is fun and we keep it that way. Whether your child is 8 or 18. Just starting or just graduating, if they don’t love playing soccer, they stop playing soccer. What good is there in that? We work hard, we stay accountable to ourselves and to our team, and we make sure your child enjoys the experience too.

Philosophy. Curriculum. Methodology.  SCOR is a Meulensteen Method Partner Club. Rene Meulensteen was the 1st team coach at Manchester United and has trained players like Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The development model used while at ManU is what we use today at SCOR. The philosophy is the overarching belief in how we train our players. The Curriculum provides our coaches the roadmap for year round training. The method is how we get it done. Our goal is to have your player reach their maximum potential as a player. Not everyone will be Messi, but you don’t have to settle either.

Parent education.  No, we’re not trying to make parents into coaches. What we are doing though is providing education pieces several times per year that help parents have a better understanding of pre-season workouts, mid season challenges, injuries, changes in teenagers and how that translates to the field, valuable examples of how we can support our players, and so much more.

Qualified and committed coaches.  Aren’t all coaches qualified? Not necessarily. My child’s coach played college soccer, doesn’t that make him/her qualified? Not always. Former players don’t always make good coaches. Volunteer coaches have the best intentions, but don’t always have the skills necessary to teach children how to learn and play soccer. All our coaches are licensed with a minimum USSF E license. We have several coaches who earned their USSF D license. We have a coach who holds an USSF C and NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, and our Director of Coaching holds his USSF & UEFA B license. In addition to that ALL SCOR coaches go through additional training twice per year in the Meulensteen Method to ensure the best product is being delivered to your child.

Top MSPSP caliber teams.  Premier teams in SCOR compete at high levels of Premier. In fact, nearly every single one of our Premier teams compete in a higher division than any of our competition within 15 miles of Rockford.

Choices of competition level. Whether you want something not too intense for training, or you want as much challenge as you can handle, chances are, we have the level that is best for your child’s development.

Year-round training.  With SCOR’s expanded winter and futsal program, along with indoor leagues, and additional training opportunities, we can keep you active and learning.

Your friends are here.  It starts with fun. It ends with friends. Sandwiched in between are all the details that not only help your son or daughter reach their full potential as a soccer player, but also as a contributing member to our community. Unless you were family #4 above, the reality is not everyone will play Division 1 soccer. Not everyone will make the National team. At some point, our soccer careers will end and our adult lives will begin. We believe the fun, the friendships, and the lessons we learn here at SCOR make us better people who understand the value of determination, hard work, sacrifice, and selflessness in order to reach our goals. Both for ourselves and for our team. We would love for you to be a part of it.