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Weather Policy


If it is hot or humid outside make sure you keep your players hydrated.  You can train but be aware of players getting heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Make sure you take lots of water breaks and are constantly watching your players.


If there is rain it is up to the individual coach if he or she wants to have practice.  Remember to keep in mind that when it rains there is a potential that if we play on the fields, it may cause damage to the field that is irreversible for some time.  A coach should also take into consideration that players may get hurt on a field that is too wet to play on.


If there is snow or it is very cold, error on the side of caution.  Make sure that your players have the proper attire to be practicing in that environment.  Make sure the players keep warm and that you, as a coach, keep them moving.


The policy for all SCOR teams is that when lightning is spotted or thunder is heard, that the coach of the team remove all their players from the field to shelter for at least 30 minutes.  Anytime after the initial sight if there are more, the team must wait an additional 30 minutes from the last sight.  Shelter must be something such as a car or a building with a roof.

Tornado Watch/Warning

If there is a tornado watch within Kent County you are to cancel your practice. No matter what the circumstances are you are NOT to hold a practice. If you are at practice and a watch is issued then, cancel practice immediately.

The SCOR board of directors may close fields at any time.