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John Daly

JD started coaching for SCOR in April of 2016, and loves being a part of the family and coaching staff at SCOR. When asked what drives him as a coach, JD replied… "Imagine planting a seed and watching it grow into a plant or tree. Same with a young lass or lad, plant the seed of football and watch them grow into a fine footballer. That is fun for me and watching that passion in the game of football grow in that young lass or lad.” JD himself, was a footballer back in Ireland and enjoyed playing for his amateur team there as a goal keeper. 

Grand Rapids is where JD calls home and is a web/software developer for a health care company based in Dallas, TX. JD is usually on a soccer field somewhere, but time with friends and family is still very important. If he’s not coaching players, you can find JD fishing or spending time with his wife and kids. JD is thankful for the opportunity to coach “ My lovely Wife who allows me to coach even though I don't have any of our kids on a team, my oldest daughter who loves coming to games and tournaments with me, my son who comes to my games sometimes and my youngest daughter who is going to be a footballer (sorry, soccer as she tells me since I am over here in America) when she grows up. 

It’s great to have a coach as passionate as JD who loves the game, loves his family, and loves coaching our players. 

John Daly


2006 Boys Orange

2005 Boys Orange