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College Scholarship Application

Rockford Public School Scholarship Opportunity 

SCOR-Meulensteen is offering any Rockford Public School Student (future student-athlete or non-athlete) $1000 scholarship. This reward will go to one male and one female who has played for SCOR at any time during their club carer. Please see application form for more information. Application is due MARCH 15th

SCOR-Meulensteen Scholarship Application

The SCOR-Meulensteen Scholarship Program awards one male and one female $1000 each to the college or university he/she will attend in the fall. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the student must not attend Rockford Public Schools. We ask that the graduating senior consent to the following:

1. I will complete the application by April 1 with all the components included.
2. I consent to the release of my application to SCOR-Meulensteen.
3. I consent to the release of my information to media outlets if necessary.
Please see document below
Application is due no later than APRIL 1st 2019